Donate Ukraine

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ People in Ukraine need help now! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Some people are offering up their homes to host refugees. Others are organizing collections of goods to send to people in Ukraine or neighboring countries. But charities say donating cash to them is the best way to help those caught up in the crisis.

War in Ukraine: Support for children and families!

If you would like to make a donation, send cryptocurrency directly to the wallets below:

USDT TRC-20 (TRON Network): TUqZzM76TL1L7myYHFmdiXndNbUWnFi2Ey

USDT ERC-20 (Ethereum Network): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

BTC (Bitcoin): 182f5g4GUvHqs7LBLs9u5ErPXaY44kGDpi

ETH (Ethereum): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

WETH (Ethereum Network): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

SOL (Solana): 4bA8q59etVd28h9j1EH7JGQWDK4HU5te48qZeNnKse2w

USDC: 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

BUSD (Binance USD): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

MATIC (Polygon Network): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

BNB: 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

ADA (Cardano): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

XTZ (Tezos): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

TRX (TRON Network): TUqZzM76TL1L7myYHFmdiXndNbUWnFi2Ey

MANA (Decentraland): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

NEAR (NEAR Protocol): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

AVAX (Avalanche C-Chain): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

DOT (Polkadot): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

DOGE (Dogecoin): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

UST (TerraUSD): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

SHIB (Shiba Inu): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

XRP (Ripple): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

KLAY (Klaytn): 0x5851481d5c4e600b4febb148a626d179e956d684

LINK (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

LUNA (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

DAI (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

ATOM (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

CAKE (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

GMT (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

FTM (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

ZEC (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

LTC (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D


BCH (BEP20): 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D

BCH (ABC/BCHN networks): 1NGCqpcp6SfQfwk3Lkkx5dZ6nue5HZ4sYe or bitcoincash:qr5n43qs2p0zj2ta3w90ys6s0xduq7cw4u7zph36cp


XMR (Monero): 447N9KEPsM1S6rrkbXQQp3hCwwuymuebABYvSTasHvCDi1T7Fy7vwNEAGi2yfAuiT11i9ocGvtPtw8AQdJNMSRgwRR6XDtm


ETC (Ethereum Classic): 0x34C5FD7d6B1c55eDf948c93775b27a8D0b3AC9f2

HBAR (Hedera): 0.0.891040

DASH: XnfYUkiHwdEpTpLLmuSpf1yPFv1TfAwvSS


  • Donate Bitcoin to this address

    Scan to Donate Bitcoin to 182f5g4GUvHqs7LBLs9u5ErPXaY44kGDpi
  • Donate Ethereum to this address

    Scan to Donate Ethereum to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
  • Donate Tether to this address

    Scan to Donate Tether to TUqZzM76TL1L7myYHFmdiXndNbUWnFi2Ey
    Tag/Note:- USDT (TRC-20)
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    Scan to Donate Cardano to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
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    Scan to Donate Xrp to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
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    Scan to Donate Polkadot to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
  • Donate Binance coin to this address

    Scan to Donate Binance coin to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
  • Donate Litecoin to this address

    Scan to Donate Litecoin to LMaK7ybXKdfbzQMKDdx73LZA2yZD7W9tGZ
  • Donate Chainlink to this address

    Scan to Donate Chainlink to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
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  • Donate Bitcoin cash to this address

    Scan to Donate Bitcoin cash to bitcoincash:qr5n43qs2p0zj2ta3w90ys6s0xduq7cw4u7zph36cp
  • Donate Dogecoin to this address

    Scan to Donate Dogecoin to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
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    Scan to Donate Usdcoin to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
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    Scan to Donate Monero to 447N9KEPsM1S6rrkbXQQp3hCwwuymuebABYvSTasHvCDi1T7Fy7vwNEAGi2yfAuiT11i9ocGvtPtw8AQdJNMSRgwRR6XDtm
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    Scan to Donate Ethereum classic to 0x34C5FD7d6B1c55eDf948c93775b27a8D0b3AC9f2
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    Scan to Donate Dash to XnfYUkiHwdEpTpLLmuSpf1yPFv1TfAwvSS
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    Scan to Donate Tron to TUqZzM76TL1L7myYHFmdiXndNbUWnFi2Ey
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    Scan to Donate Avalanche to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
    Tag/Note:- Avalanche C-Chain
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    Scan to Donate Polygon matic to 0x95d3E2B9Bf2BF84864F7704478A60935039eCE6D
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Your donation makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Thank you for your generosity! Your gift will help children rise above adversity and thrive.

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