UA NFT Kids Club (UNKC) NFT #1

UA NFT Kids Club (UNKC)

The UA NFT Kids Club (UNKC) ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆย is a collection of drawings made by children from Ukraine!

Theย UNKC is a collection of 1,315 unique NFT digital collectibles on the Polygon blockchain. All are 1/1 originals.

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There will be 1,315 UNKC available in the inaugural release. We will be launching another collection shortly after to continue building our UNKC Metaverse.

Yes, all UNKC are uniquely generated and 1/1.

Yes, Presale is limited to 3 UNKC per Transaction/Wallet. Public sale will have a limit of 3 pieces per transaction. The maximum per wallet will be 10 UNKC. This will give everyone a fair chance at mining while minimizing bot interference.

Yes, you are able to resell on the OpenSea platform at anytime you see fit.